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#books #architecture | Hollywood style

Hollywood style / by Diana Dorrans Saeks ; [principal photography by Tim Street-Porter].
Rizzoli, New York : 2004.
207 p. : il. col.
ISBN 9780847826551

Arquitectura interior -- Estados Unidos.
Decoración interior -- Estados Unidos.
Los Angeles (Calif.)
Sbc Aprendizaje A-747 HOL*spi

Say the word "Hollywood" and glamorous, sparkling, lavish images come to mind. In Hollywood Style, bestselling design and style author Diane Dorrans Saeks takes readers on a magical insider's tour of some of the most beautiful and alluring private houses, classic residences, and historic hotels Hollywood has to offer. Behind the clipped hedges, immaculate gardens, and locked doors of these palm-punctuated neighborhoods are the residences of some of the most famous movie stars and musicians in the world, designed by such star architects as Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Williams, R. M. Schindler, and Richard Neutra. While these inspiring interiors offer opulence, they also feature witty design creativity, inventive architecture, and a chic sensibility that are a welcome respite from the razzle-dazzle of Hollywood. These are interiors that are created with not only elegance but a sense of fun. Each one is lived in and loved. Each one is beautiful yet completely original. With pictures by a selection of Hollywood's top photographers, these pages display an insider's look at the personal style of culture's most influential trendsetters. An exciting and inspiring look at glamour behind the scenes, Hollywood Style is a stunning tribute to exuberant style in all its decadence.

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#books #architecture | Ibiza Blakstad houses

Ibiza Blakstad houses / photographs Conrad White ; texts Sabrina Blakstad.
Loft, Barcelona : 2012.
294 p. : principalmente il. col.
Texto en inglés y español.
ISBN 9788499369068

Arquitectura doméstica -- Baleares.
Casas individuales -- Baleares.
Ibiza (Isla)
Sbc Aprendizaje A-728.3 IBI*spi
The definitive monograph on the ideas and work of the Canadian-born (of Norwegian ancestry), Florence-trained, Ibiza-based architect. The fusion of Ibizan traditions with modern function, form, and taste is the hallmark of Blakstad's projects, which were dedicated to conserving the cultural significance of the island within today's architecture. Rolph Blakstad exhaustively studied Ibizan architecture when it was still a living millennial tradition, with peasant builders working with rules passed down by word of mouth from father to son. The architect's study of these builders formed the basis of his research, design and building for more than 40 years. This book is a tribute to Blakstad's work in the wake of his death. In it, the reader will discover an unbroken tradition reaching back to distant origins; a design based on historical Mediterranean architecture, combining style and building techniques to suit contemporary lifestyles.

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#libros #arquitectura | Nuevos centros comerciales : innovación y diseño

Nuevos centros comerciales : innovación y diseño / [autor, Jacobo Krauel].
Links, Barcelona : 2012.
299 p. : principalmente il. col., planos.
ISBN 9788415123484

Centros comerciales -- Diseño y construcción.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-725.21 NUE*spi

Crear imágenes características y diferentes al mismo tiempo que se garantiza la autonomía de cada una de las tiendas, se integran las zonas comunes y se manejan correctamente los aparcamientos y las instalaciones públicas son sólo algunos de los retos a la hora de diseñar centros comerciales. En este volumen se incluyen algunos extraordinarios ejemplos de cómo se consiguen satisfacer estos desafíos. Además, también se muestran plantas, especificaciones técnicas, detalles constructivos y comentarios de cada uno de los proyectos, todo proporcionado por los arquitectos. Foreign Office Architects, Massimiliano Fuksas, SAKO Architects y Boeri Studio son sólo algunos de los talentosos arquitectos que han contribuido con su trabajo a esta selección.

martes, 18 de septiembre de 2018

#books #architecture | Theatres and concert halls

Theatres and concert halls / Birgit Schmolke ; foreword by Uwe Eric Laufenberg.
DOM, Berlin : 2011.
303 p. : il. col. y n., planos, fot.
Colección: Construction and Design Manual.
ISBN 9783869221786

Teatros -- Construcción.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-725.81 THE*spi

This volume in the Construction and Design Manual series introduces the building typologies Theatres and Concert Halls. Expert contributors provide a brief summary of the history of theatre architecture in Europe, an overview of theatre interiors and of theatre design in general. Featured are 32 projects, each illustrated with full colour photographs, scale plans and sketches and accompanied by explanatory text. Imposing structures by Pritzker Prize winners Zaha Hadid, Herzog & de Meuron, Gottfried Böhm and Christian de Portzamparc as well as signature buildings by internationally acclaimed architects such as UN Studio, Dominique Perrault and Santiago Calatrava are all showcased here.

Architects: 3XN Architects, 4a Architekten, Architekturbüro Böhm, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, BOLLES+WILSON, Busmann+Haberer, Santiago Calatrava, de Architecten Cie., Dinse Feest Zurl Architekten, Estudio Barozzi Veiga, Juri Petrowitsch Gnedowski, hammeskrause architekten, Henning Larsen Architects, Hermann & Valentiny et Associes, Herzog & de Meuron, HPP Hentrich–Petschnigg & Partner, Karl & Probst, Keith Williams Architects, Lundgaard & Tranberg, Michael Wilford & Partners, Meuser Architekten, no w here Architekten, Dominique Perrault, pfp architekten, Christian de Portzamparc, Prof. Arno Lederer+Jorunn Ragnarsdottir+Marc Oei, Snohetta, the next ENTERprise

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#books #architecture | Wooden urban villages : examples of modern wooden towns

Kotina puinen kaupunkikylä : esimerikkejä Moderneista puukaupungeista = Wooden urban villages : examples of modern wooden towns / Markku Karjalainen ja Riku Patokoski.
Puuinfo Oy [etc.], Helsinki : 2007
168 p. : il., mapas, planos.
Texto en finlandés e inglés.
ISBN 9789516828445

Casas de madera.
Construcción de madera.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-694 KOT*spi

Relating the success story of Finnish wood construction, this investigation throws new light on the direction of housing construction in Finland today. The study reveals how more than a decade of development and construction of modern wooden towns and compact, low-rise housing has created a wealth of knowledge, a diverse variety of pioneering, and varied, resident-oriented, wooden residential milieux. Modern wooden town construction is explored from three key perspectives: past and present studies, experiences, and newly completed building projects. Featuring expert commentary and presentations of completed wooden housing areas, this examination showcases the best of Finnish expertise in wood construction while highlighting the myriad possibilities of building in wood.

domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2018

#books #architecture | Wood houses "now"

Wood houses "now" / author, Jacobo Krauel.
Links, [Barcelona] : 2010.
239 p. : principalmente il. col., planos.
ISBN 9788492796533

Arquitectura doméstica
Casas de madera
Casas individuales
Construcción de madera
Sbc Aprendizaje A-728.6 WOO*spi

This book takes a new look at the uses of wood in home construction. Each of the featured projects is clearly explained by the designers themselves and share the highest degree of architectural quality in the innovative application of wood. Sophisticated residences, contemporary family homes, and small but remarkable wood cabins represent the variety of domestic dwellings discussed. This latest review also includes outstanding photography and working plans, with a concise text that successfully conveys the main features of each building and how the use of wood can enhance the defining characteristics of the design.

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#libros #arquitectura | Casas de diseño : arquitectura actual

Casas de diseño : arquitectura actual / autor, Carles Broto.
Links, Barcelona : 2012.
239 p. : principalmente il. col., planos.
ISBN 9788415123392

Arquitectura doméstica
Casas individuales
Sbc Aprendizaje A-728.3 CAS*spi

Este libro muestra una selección de 25 de los mejores proyectos realizados en los últimos tiempos en el diseño de viviendas unifamiliares. Cientos de fotografías en color y los correspondientes planos muestran cómo la personalidad de cada diseño es tan importante como sus aspectos técnicos. Esta obra nos lleva más allá de las fachadas, permitiéndonos acceder a la mente de los arquitectos cuya obra hemos seleccionado, explorando cada proyecto en todas sus facetas. Innegablemente contemporáneos, estos trabajos han sido escogidos por su capacidad de inspirar, de romper con las normas establecidas.

viernes, 14 de septiembre de 2018

#libros #arquitectura | Beach houses = Casas junto al mar

Beach houses = Casas junto al mar / by Javier Artadi Architects.
Loft, Barcelona : 2012.
177 p. : il.
Textos en español e inglés.
ISBN 9788499368870

Arquitectura doméstica.
Arquitectura litoral.
Casas individuales.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-728.3 BEA*spi

«Soy un arquitecto de la costa peruana, una franja desértica con características únicas debido a la presencia de la corriente de aguas frías de Humboldt en el océano; un contexto muy particular donde no hay mucho calor, no hay mucho frío y donde prácticamente nunca llueve.»

Javier Artadi se perfila como un referente de la arquitectura latinoamericana contemporánea por su obra como arquitecto y por su continua investigación sobre la relación entre la arquitectura y el paisaje desértico de la costa del Perú. Profesor de diseño arquitectónico en la facultad de arquitectura de la Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas UPC, ha obtenido numerosos premios y distinciones nacionales e internacionales. Su proyecto Casa en Las Arenas fue elegida una de las Record Houses del 2006 y ha sido finalista en varias ediciones de la Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura. Su trabajo ha sido presentado en universidades y congresos de arquitectura de Latinoamérica, Estados Unidos, Europa, África y Medio Oriente y es permanentemente publicado en revistas y libros de arquitectura de todo el mundo. Esta monografía es el fruto de su labor como arquitecto, investigador y docente y, por tanto, una obra de referencia imprescindible para estudiosos y profesionales.

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#books #architecture | Beach hotels

Beach hotels / [editors] Martin Nicholas Kunz, Patricia Massó.
Avedition, Ludwigsburg : 2006.
168 p. : il.
Colección: Best Designed.
Ed. bilingüe inglés – alemán.
ISBN 9783899860788

Arquitectura litoral.
Decoración interior.
Hoteles -- Diseño y construcción.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-728.5 BEA*spi

The unbroken desire for sun, beach and sea has spawned an ever growing number of hotel beds within earshot of breaking waves. At least that is the theory. In reality, many so called beach hotels are to be found in central locations, i.e. on busy streets or noisy squares. But there are some exceptional complexes which promise pure relaxation and space for creative thought. ‘Best Design Beach Hotels’ is a collection of the most amazing addresses for all those seeking aesthetic highlights. A firework that appeals to all our senses. The author presents architectural masterpieces situated on the world's most beautiful beaches with the best views and the sound of the waves, guaranteed! The book invites the reader on a visual journey of experience that takes him to all the continents and through a wide range of landscapes from northern Australia to South America, from Scandinavia to South Africa.

miércoles, 12 de septiembre de 2018

#books #architecture | Bauhaus construct : fashioning identity, discourse and modernism

Bauhaus construct : fashioning identity, discourse and modernism / edited by Jeffrey Saletnik and Robin Schuldenfrei.
Routledge, London [etc.] : 2009.
IX, 278 p. : il. bl. y n.
ISBN 9780415778367

Arte -- Siglo XX -- Alemania.
Diseño -- Alemania.
Vanguardia (Estética) -- Alemania.
Sbc Aprendziaje A-7.036 BAU*spi

Reconsidering the status and meaning of Bauhaus objects in relation to the multiple re-tellings of the school’s history, this volume positions art objects of the Bauhaus within the theoretical, artistic, historical, and cultural concerns in which they were produced and received. Contributions from leading scholars writing in the field today – including Frederic J. Schwartz, Magdalena Droste, and Alina Payne – offer an entirely new treatment of the Bauhaus. Issues such as art and design pedagogy, the practice of photography, copyright law, and critical theory are discussed. Through a strong thematic structure, new archival research and innovative methodologies, the questions and subsequent conclusions presented here re-examine the history of the Bauhaus and its continuing legacy. Essential reading for anyone studying the Bauhaus, modern art and design.