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#books #architecture | The art of structures : introduction to the functioning of structures in architecture

The art of structures : introduction to the functioning of structures in architecture / Aurelio Muttoni ; translated from the Italian by Stephen Piccolo.
EPFL Press, Lausanne, Switzerland : 2011. / Routledge, Abingdon [etc.] : 2011.
XIII, 269 p. : il.

ISBN 9782940222384 / 9780415610292
Estructuras -- Diseño.
Diseño arquitectónico.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-624.04 ART

Structure is a central theme of construction, of interest to both engineers and architects; this book on architectural structures aims to facilitate the dialogue between these two professions. The chapters are organized into a progressive, step-by-step analysis of structures of increasing complexity – a structural path – stressing an intuitive approach and conveying with diagrams and simple equations the requirements behind the dimensioning of all types of structures employed in construction. This approach is particularly useful for students, providing them with an intuitive understanding of form and function, as well as the insight to make their designs more sensible, coherent and elegant.

This book describes the complete panorama of supporting structures and their function by describing how loads are sustained and transmitted to the ground. With a minimum of mathematics, the reader is guided through the analysis of some of the world’s most famous designs and structures from a civil engineering perspective. An intuitive approach is taken – the basics of equilibrium analysis are explained by visualizing the internal forces of specific structures with the aid of simple graphical tools. Ideal for anyone who needs an intuitive and practical approach to the design and appropriate sizing of load-bearing structures.

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