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#books #architecture | The anatomy of the architectural book

The anatomy of the architectural book / André Tavares.
Lars Müller [etc.], Zurich [etc.] : 2016.
388 p. : il.
ISBN 9783037784730

Arquitectura -- Bibliografía.
Libros -- Compaginación artística.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-721.021 ANA

‘The Anatomy of the Architectural Book’ addresses the crossovers between book culture and building culture. 1925 and 1851 constitute the axes along which is made visible the circulation of architectural knowledge through books towards subsequent crystallization in buildings, together with a reverse idea—moving from the celebration of specific architectural practices to the production of unique books, using pages and prints to convey architectural ideas. This relationship between books and buildings, like the one between architectural and editorial practices, serves as an anchor for assessing a wide range of documentary sources, through various geographical contexts. The cross-sections confront us not only with the rise of the industrialized book (and thus of the editor as an important intermediary between the author and the printer), but also with the configuration of the book as a unique visual device (with the designer taking part in a progressively more complex chain of decision-making).

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