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#books #architecture | Spaces of serenity : small projects for meditation & contemplation

Spaces of serenity : small projects for meditation & contemplation / Jeffery S. Poss.
Oro, San Rafael, California : 2015.
107 p. : il.
ISBN 9781941806845

Casas de campo.
Casas de madera.
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‘Spaces of Serenity: Small Projects for Meditation & Contemplation’ features six projects by architect and professor Jeffery S. Poss, FAIA. With each project informed by the landscape that surrounds it, a contemplative space is created that is simultaneously at balance with both nature and occupant.

Each structural environment is designed with careful precision and thoughtfulness, not as an escape, but as a temporary space of solace and quiet reflection. Natural materials and light fill these spaces, enveloping the meditator with their surroundings, giving them a serene space to reflect their state of mind. Through structures that mirror and support mindfulness, architectural design creatively contributes to the search for balance living in the everyday world.

In Thoreauvian fashion, Poss’ deliberate spaces demonstrate through carefully orchestrated built form, filtered sensory input, and attention to human scale, how physical and meditative space can elegantly coexist with nature to positively affect one’s emotional state.

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