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Hospital builders / Tony Monk.
Wiley-Academy, Chichester, West Sussex [etc.] : 2004.
223 p. : il.
ISBN 0471489646
Biblioteca Sbc Aprendizaje A-725.5 HOS
OPAC Millennium

Britain is in the middle of the largest expansion of healthcare buildings since the inception of the National Health Service Act in 1947. From 1980 to 1997, 89 major hospital projects were completed, costing some 3.7 billion. Another 68 schemes are already committed to be built between 1997 and 2006 and will cost a further 9.7 billion. This specialist publication traces these momentous changes that are transforming the Health Service, and provides valuable information for all those participating in the design, construction and subsequent management of this huge hospital rebuilding programme.

"Hospital Builders" offers a comprehensive appraisal of 32 case studies covering significant healthcare projects in Britain and around the world. Each is thoroughly analysed with a critical description, plans, illustrations and photographs to provide creative information that is of assistance to architects, contractors and managers and all those involved in the procurement and subsequent occupation of the facilities. The ideas and examples are amplified through an exploration of the historical achievements, present circumstances and potential future direction of our modern progressive health service. Current practitioners contribute from first-hand experience and anticipate the implications of private finance initiatives and competitive healthcare partnerships. A central theme throughout the book is the abiding importance of high-quality hospital architecture and the therapeutic benefits to be gained by friendly, human healthcare environments.

Diana Rowntree writes a moving Tribute to Sir Philip Powell, identifying the major role his practice Powell and Moya has played in the evolution of modern hospital architecture. The Foreword is even more poignant, written by Sir Philip Powell himself just before he died, and still revealing his life-long commitment to architecture with a human face.

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