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Innovations in hospice architecture / Stephen F. Verderber and Ben J. Refuerzo.
Taylor and Francis, Abingdon, Oxfordshire [etc.] : 2006.
xii, 199 p. : il.
ISBN 041532713X
Biblioteca Sbc Aprendizaje A-725.5 INN
OPAC Millennium

Hospices are important and underrated buildings, and up to now there has not been much focus on the unique aspects of their design. So it is timely that this new reference book should present an overview of major recent developments. The authors present an overview of the historical origins of the contemporary hospice and the diverse variations on the basic premise of hospice care, and offer a series of detailed case studies of exemplary hospices, with lots of plans. The most innovative work in this area over the past decade has been in Japan, the US, Canada and the UK, and the authors describe and analyze examples both as individual projects and as comparable yet differing approaches. It is fascinating indeed to find such items as a meditation room in a Taiwanese hospice. Innovations in Hospice Architecture will be essential reading for anyone involved in the planning, design and construction of hospices.

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