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Shopping / [editor, Miriam Loetz, Friederike Krump].
Alt//Cramer, Berlin : 2011.
552 p. : principalmente il.
ISBN 9783942860031

Centros comerciales -- Diseño y construcción.
Tiendas -- Decoración.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-(0.021)A SHO

In our modern, fast-paced times a new pair of shoes or the latest crime novel is often only a mouse click away. Despite this, strolling around the shops has yet to fall out of fashion. Doesn't a little shopping trip make the world seem a more colourful, beautiful place, if only for a moment. Isn't an expedition to the temple of consumerism always a bit of an adventure. And doesn't a world full of imagination and surprise await you behind the door of every store. Even in the day of online shopping and home order television, there is still truly nothing better than browsing boutiques with your best friend. And how could you be more inspired by the flair of a foreign city or the culture of another country than by a leisurely stroll through the shops.

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