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#books #architecture | Enclose - build : walls, facade, roof

Enclose - build : walls, facade, roof / editors, Alexander Reichel, Kerstin Schultz ; authors, Eva Maria Herrmann ... [et al.].
Birkhäuser, Basel : 2015.
175 p. : il.
Colección: Scale.
ISBN 9783034602075

Arquitectura -- Detalles.
Cubiertas (Construcción).
Sbc Aprendizaje A-692.2 ENC*spi

The building shell is the interface with the outside world: it offers protection and at the same time represents its owners or occupants. But what are the criteria for choosing a specific shell? Why is a particular material used on a particular undercoat? The second volume of the ‘Scale’ series’, ‘Enclose | Build’, is not about the curtain, the dressing of the facade that surrounds a building, but rather on a causal level about the exterior termination of a building, the wall, the facade, which can be made of various materials, surfaces and achieves different design effects. The book shows the conditions under which certain constructions can be employed and why; what criteria such as construction costs, issues of sustainability, of energy efficiency, of assembly or of insulation or protection against moisture can also influence the choice of a system. In addition to classical constructions, 'Enclose | Build' offers a look at future developments. How will the facade evolve as an interface for information? What do viable concepts for environmentally active, energy-efficient building shells look like? This book is an indispensable tool for every architect and planner.

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