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Cedric Price : opera / edited by Samantha Hardingham
Wiley-Academy, Chichester, West Sussex : 2003.
127 p. : il.
ISBN 0470848758
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This book serves as a sequel to the recently reprinted "Cedric Price: The Square Book" (Wiley-Academy, 2003), first published by the Architectural Association in 1984 to document the work of Cedric Price Architects from the time the practice was established in 1960. "Cedric Price: Opera" presents a carefully edited selection of chiefly unpublished work carried out by the office between 1985 and 2002.

Having secured his place as arguably the most remarkable, innovative, visionary and influential architect alive today with iconic projects such as The Fun Palace and Potteries Thinkbelt and built projects such as London Zoo's Aviary and the Interaction Centre, all appearing in the first book, Price's thesis of an "anticipatory architecture" is developed here through projects that are wide-ranging in scale, from enigmatic urban plans for Strasbourg to Christmas decorations in Oxford Street, London. All demand that society (including its architects) commit to "thinking the unimaginable" and learn to utilise "time" as its most treasured design tool.

Price tackles his subject and profession with a wit that can only come from a seriousness of approach and absolute belief in and fondness for humans and human nature. He says, "It is vital to see where architecture "isn't" needed." "Cedric Price: Opera" is about the work and a way of working which enthusiastically and tirelessly challenges our preconceptions of what is commonly known as 'architecture'. It may be used as a reference book of possibilities. Contributions from colleagues within and outside of the profession describe aspects of Price's method, serving to illuminate the continued and future relevance of his ideas.
Charting works from 1984 to the present this book features Price's original drawings for some 45 projects, many of which are annotated with incisive observations on the subject of architecture and its impact on human beings and the environment.

Alongside Price's own writings the book includes texts by ten invited contributors from the fields of architecture, architectural history and research, theatre, film and politics, and shorter comments from others (including Will Alsop, Paul Hyett and Frei Otto) whose lives have been touched by Price. Highly influential and imaginative architect, of interest both within and outside the field of architecture Comprehensively illustrated with plans, drawings and photographs Includes opinion from other architects, architectural writers, politicians and theatre and film professionals

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