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#books #architecture | Building the revolution : soviet art and architecture : 1915-1935

Building the revolution : soviet art and architecture : 1915-1935
Royal Academy of Arts, London : 2011
270 p. : il. fot., col.
Publicado con motivo de la exposición "Building the Revolution : Soviet Arts and Architecture 1915-1935", organizada por la Royal Academy of Arts
ISBN 9781905711918
Biblioteca Sbc Aprendizaje A-72.036(47) BUI

This fascinating book traces the astonishing trajectory of Russian avant-garde architecture during the brief but intense period of design and construction that took place from 1922 - 1935. Fired by the new language of radical avant-garde artists, architects such as Konstantin Melnikov, Moisei Ginzburg and the Vesnin brothers produced designs whose innovative style embodied the energy and optimism of the new Soviet Socialist state. The architectural photographer Richard Pare has spent the last 15 years documenting the current state of these iconic structures. His spectacular large-scale pictures are juxtaposed with vintage photographs, contemporary periodicals and numerous drawings and paintings by Constructivist artists such as Malevich, Tatlin, Popova and El Lissitsky, making this book essential reading for all who are interested in the history of Russian art and architecture of this period. The book includes essays by curators and academic experts in this field.


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