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#books #architecture | Country house : architecture + design

Country house : architecture + design / Michelle Galindo
Braun, [Berlin] : 2011.
301 p. : il. col., planos ; 24 cm
Colección: Masterpieces
ISBN 9783037680728
Biblioteca Sbc Aprendizaje A-728.6 COU

Country houses have always been the preferred locations for withdrawing, deceleration, and contemplation. This trend continues unbroken today, especially as the metropolitan areas expand and more and more city dwellers are escaping to the countryside. In addition to the conversion of existing buildings numerous new residences are being built. New building materials, groundbreaking techniques or a simple return to traditional forms of construction are defining country houses of today.

Masterpieces: Country House Architecture + Design presents projects from across the world which answers today’s aesthetic, functional and ecological demands, while at the same time underscoring the uniqueness of the location and the surrounding landscape. The selected works show different ways to re-evaluate the definition of the country with a contemporary design.

Country houses are becoming more popular as the urban stress rises around the globe - living in the countryside means giving a piece of peace back and connecting back to nature. The rural retreats offer a refuge in nature from the hustle and bustle of daily urban life. The natural settings offer challenges and opportunities at the same time. Whether high mountains, canyons, or cliffy coasts, this volume showcases 60 of the best of contemporary countryhouses designs worldwide, featuring the work of well-known architects and innovative designers who pay their respect to nature - through sustainable construction methods and an esthetic style that appreciates and highlights the beauty and uniqueness of each landscape.


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