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#books #architecture | The Le Corbusier guide

The Le Corbusier guide / Deborah Gans ; introduction by Alan Plattus.
Princeton Architectural Press, New York : 2006
3rd ed.
283 p. : il.
ISBN 1568985398
Biblioteca Sbc Aprendizaje A-72 LE CORBUSIER LEC

"This is the kind of book I have been waiting for, I think, for the better part of my life. Nothing is more frustrating to architecture buffs than to travel across the continent to see a celebrated building and then, since scholarly histories never deign to offer practical information, not to be able to find it....[With] Deborah Gans' superb book, life [is] vastly easier. Her excellent text is detailed...[and] contains excellent maps and photographs." -- Paul Goldberger, New York Times 

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but there's no real substitute for personal experience. Anyone who's visited the architecture of Le Corbusier knows just how true this is. Our indispensable The Le Corbusier Guide, first published in 1987 and now in its third edition, will help you do just that. This architectural handbook tells you everything you need to know to get to Le Corbusier's extant buildings in Europe, Japan, Russia, Africa, India, and North and South America, and includes updated maps, directions, and visitor information. 

Princeton Architectural Press | The Le Corbusier guide

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