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#books #architecture | Perfect scale : architectural design and construction

Perfect scale : architektonisches Entwerfen und Konstruieren = architectural design and construction / Ansgar und Benedikt Schulz.
Detail, München : 2015.
142 p. : il.
Texto bilingüe en alemán e inglés.
ISBN 9783955533076

Dibujo arquitectónico.
Diseño arquitectónico.
Sbc Arquitectura A-721.021 PER

Thinking and working at different scales is at the core of the architecture. But how much of that design decision must be made? At what time it is useful to change the scale? What can, what should be displayed in a scaled architectural drawings? And how it is possible that this drawing is clear, legible, yet an aesthetic desire? The architectural drawing is not least a means of communication. It contains information that is relevant to different addressees. Choosing the right scale determines whether the client or the craftsman understands what is meant. Given the numerous possibilities of CAD gets the goal, to transport their own ideas clearly and unambiguously, sometimes out of sight. Ansgar and Benedikt Schulz provide guidance and lead the architectural drawing exemplarily back to its original purpose: to provide excellent buildings.

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