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#books #architecture | SAA Architects : urbanistic, humanistic, optimistic

SAA Architects : urbanistic, humanistic, optimistic / [text by Robert Such].
Images, Mulgrave, Victoria : 2015.
206, 6 p. : il.
ISBN 9781864706420

Arquitectura -- Siglo XXI -- China.
Arquitectura -- Siglo XXI -- Singapur.
SAA Architects
Sbc Aprendizaje A-72SAA SAA

This specialist monograph on SAA is presented in three parts, Urbanistic, Humanistic and Optmistic, and offers a practice overview, showcasing a selection of the firm's large-scale works that have been designed and built over the past 10 years. It also offers an introduction to work in progress and conceptual architectural work. Driven by three tenets of architectural design, SAA is committed to delivering buildings and master plans that interweave and engage with the building's surrounding neighborhood; have the public's welfare at heart and are thoughtfully considered, user-friendly and accessible; and improve and enrich people's lives.

In each part of the book, the selection of buildings or project concepts is based on one of these sets of values and beliefs that underpin SAA's works. They serve as exemplars of the works undertaken according to these governing principles. Dividing the book into sections and categorizing each building, however, does not mean that only one descriptive adjective applies to each one. Projects can and do share the other two qualities to a greater or lesser extent.

Presented with rich photography, detailed illustrations, plans, and informative text analysis, this high quality volume documents precisely how SAA's works interweave, engage and influence people and their urban environment.

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