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#books #architecture | New city landmark : mixed-use architecture

New city landmark : mixed-use architecture / chief editor, Josie Au-yeung.
Artpower, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong : 2015.
401 p. : il.
ISBN 9789881354105
Arquitectura-- Siglo XXI.
Centros comerciales.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-725.21 NEW

HOPSCA, composed of a great number of different functional spaces - hotels, offices, parks, shopping, convention centers and apartments - is a complex which is the periodic product of urban morphology evolution during the rapid process of modernization and urbanization, and has become the inevitable requirement of economic development. A term used to describe integrated developments in urban communities - where people live, work, play and shop in proximity - HOPSCA is emerging as an important piece in China's urbanization puzzle. It combines urban activities such as office, residence, business, catering, conference, entertainment and so on in an organic way, and forms a complex of multifunction and high efficiency. This book brings together the excellent design concepts of many well-known design companies in recent years about the HOPSCA all around the world, many projects of which are underway. They will bring new breath and new vitality to urban developments.

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