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#books #architecture | This is tomorrow : cursos de proyectos en inglés 2007-2012

This is tomorrow : cursos de proyectos en inglés 2007-2012 : Arquitectura, Escuela Politécnica Superior, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria / Daniel Esguevillas (ed.) ; profesores responsables de proyectos, Camila Aybar... [et al.] ; profesor ayudante de proyectos, Luz Sempere ; profesores de lengua inglesa, Olga Put, Mateusz Pietraszek ; profesores invitados, Jurgen Mayer... [et al.]
Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) : 2012
155 p. : il. col. y n., planos
Textos en inglés y español
ISBN 9788415423133
Sbc Aprendizaje A-72.011 THI

During the past five years, Proyectos en Inglés has been a space for testing new social and cultural approaches to Architectural Design within an English language teaching frame. The Architectural Projects in English curriculum focuses on future spatial and theoretical discourses on our way of living. Architects should play a leading role in the redefinition of our contemporary environments and their adaptation to current necessities. Communication becomes a critical element if we want to share this knowledge with the world and the English language is the main key to interaction in our globalised context.

With this volume, our editorial goal has been the assemblage of the different experiences lived  at Francisco de Vitoria University, for their preservation as a living memory of the interesting conclusions that emerge from the interrelations of the diverse work contained herein. The curriculum has involved instructors of Architectural Projects and English Linguistics from the School of Architecture and the Graduate Department of Languages, respectively, under the direction of the former. As the last responsible for the program, I regard its successful ending as an opportunity to revise all the experimentation undertaken and display the clues to understand it.

This Is Tomorrow is a bilingual edition with its contents in English and its main indicators in Spanish. The work is organized chronologically, divided between the two different studios carried out: Concepts and Materials, led by Camila Aybar, and Housing Studies, directed by myself. Each of these parts presents the theoretical ideas from the instructors of the courses and some relevant practice from their workshops. A final signature shows the links with other curriculums of the School of Architecture or of different universities, as one of the main characteristics of Proyectos en Inglés lies in its interdisciplinary approach.

This book has been made possible due to the generous contribution of the faculty and students involved in the curriculum. As editorial assistant, Luz Sempere accomplished the laborious task of collecting and archiving the work of the past five years, while also contributing to design issues. Daniela del Olmo, the Director of the Language Department, and Fernando Canal, the Vice-rector of International Relations, always encouraged this realization, and, of course, nothing ever happens in the School of Architecture without the enthusiastic support of Dean Felipe Samarán.

Universidad Francisco de Vitoria | This is tomorrow : cursos de proyectos en inglés 2007-2012

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