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#books #townplanning | Urban strategies for social and spatial reformulation : U(r) Urban Replay

Urban strategies for social and spatial reformulation : U(r) Urban Replay / Daniel Esguevillas (ed.) ; UH Research Team on Urban Habitat, Francisco de Vitoria University
Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) : 2012
142 p. : il., mapas
Publicación enmarcada en la Semana de la Ciencia 2012
ISBN 9788415423164
Ciudades -- Renovación.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-711.4.025 URB*spi

UH seeks the integration of knowledge through an international and interdisciplinary team that includes architects and urban planners, a political scientist and a sociologist; based in Madrid, Lausanne and Berlin. UH is conceived as an urban think tank intended to design strategies for the spatial and social reshaping of the urban region of Madrid by means of its research project on Urban Replay, which is focused in the reactivation of productive uses in the central district of Chamberí.

As part of the Urban Replay research project, the II UFV Conference on Urban Management was held at the Fernando de Castro Foundation, within Madrid’s 2012 Architecture Week official program. It consisted in an exhibition that examined the deterioration of commerce in a typical street of the Chamberí district, and an international Panel of Experts that analyzed possible urban reprogramming approaches. The panel was integrated by Diego Barajas, a Colombian architect and partner of the Husos platform; Ramon Ribera, a Catalan economist with a PhD in Geography, researcher at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute of the UOC; Domenico di Siena, an Italian urban planner specialized in the sentient city; and Remedios Vincent, a local blogger and artist working for the Madrid City Council.

The work from the Urban Replay research project has been divided between the Theory and Practice sections. The former comprises the research posters that organize chronologically the conclusions of the group’s meetings, and seven research texts on different spatial and social strategies. The latter includes some information needed to understand the intervention area in Madrid, as well as graphic material reflecting the group’s activities.

In the past year, the Research Team on Urban Habitat has been a site of experimentation with active meetings and growing web presence thanks to the critical work of researchers Elena Farini, Joaquín Mosquera, José Luis Parada and Andrés Walliser. Furthermore, Miguel Osorio and Clemente López, Deputy and Vice Chancellor of Faculty and Research at the Francisco de Vitoria University, respectively, have showed the university’s resolute support of research.

Universidad Francisco de Vitoria | Urban strategies for social and spatial reformulation

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