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book | Iconoclastia : news from a post-iconic world

Iconoclastia : news from a post-iconic world / [Josep Lluís Mateo].
Barcelona [etc.] : Actar [etc.], 2009.
LXVII, [78] p. : il.
Serie: Architectural papers ; 4

ISBN 9788496540712*
Arquitectura - Teoría.
Biblioteca A-72.01 ICO

In the past, buildings and other constructions representing singular moments for the community were called monuments. Their origin was expression of power, celebration of ritual or collective affirmation. In the contemporary world, a project that aspires to be exceptionally expressive is commonly called an icon. This book claims that star-architects and their “iconic” architecture are no longer valid today, as these projects are all driven by marketing machineries. Architecture should re-emerge as a credible artefact and fulfill the transcendent demands of our time.The publication begins with a series of general texts on themes that vary but all share a common critical look at the role of the iconic on the recent architecture scene.

Josep Lluis Mateo , Krunoslav Ivanisin , Hans Ibelings , Fredy Massad , Alicia Guerrero Jeste , Florian Sauter , Pier Vittorio Aureli , Yannis Aesopos , Daniel Kiss , Naoto Fukosawa , Jasper Morrison , Yoshiharu Tsukamoto , Peter Sloterdijk

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