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#books #architecture | HHF Architects : Herlach Hartmann Frommenwiler

HHF Architects : Herlach Hartmann Frommenwiler / [editor and design Mio Tsuneyama]
Archilife, Seoul : 2012
331 p. : il.
ISBN 9788996450832
Herlach, Tilo, 1972- .
Hartmann, Simon, 1974- .
Frommenwiler, Simon, 1972- .
Arquitectura-- Siglo XXI -- Suiza.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-72(494) HHF

This striking monograph on the Swiss office founded by Tilo Herlach, Simon Hartmann and Simon Frommenwiler details more than twenty projects and collaborations from the period 2003-2012, both built and as yet unrealized. Texts written by notable guest authors, fellow architects and architecture critics Jurgen Mayer H., Kersten Geers, Cecilia Puga, and Philip Schaerer, to name a few accompany each featured work. Bart Lootsma contributes the books opening essay, while Laurent Stalder provides an interview with the practice. Numerous full-colour photos and images, plus technical drawings and diagrams, fill the pages and bring the work of HHF to life.

Archilife | HHF

This book, HHF Architects, is the first monograph of Swiss young architects group, HHF Architects, established by Simon Hartmann, Simon Frommenwiler and Tilo Herlach in 2003. The architecture of HHF could be defined as a paradox, which expresses both clear attitudes and the pursuit of complexity in a single work. HHF are the architects who endeavor to make a new organic unity. They are working based on the global networks of architects and artists as well as the local ones in Switzerland. The collaboration projects through the networks are essential part of their works.

This monograph fully reflects their propensity and attitude to architecture. It breaks from a typical refined architectural monograph devoted to photographs. It brings the drawings as backgrounds into relief that explain specific informations and intentions. These drawings contain various informations that cannot be seen at photographs as well as diverse local languages such as Chinese, German and English, which show their global works. Besides, the book is made from light and thin papers and a transparent cover, which look like working drawings in architectural design. The distinct features of this book are to get out of a authoritative architectural monograph and to share informations in it with many readers.

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