lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

book | Eco structures : forms of sustainable architecture

Eco structures : forms of sustainable architecture / edited by Gianpaola Spirito ; text Sabrina Leone, Gianpaola Spirito, Leone Spita.
Vercelli : White Star, 2009.
303 p. : il., planos
ISBN 9788854404977*

Arquitectura - Aspecto del medio ambiente.
Biblioteca Referencia A-(0.021)B ECO

This portfolio of leading-edge ecostructures by prestigious firms the world over proffers blueprints for the future of architecture. The book presents innovations that show how advanced technology answers the challenge to use less and recycle more, how using local materials reduces costs, how incorporating elements of nature conserves our ecology, how buildings can take on the shapes of their natural surroundings to harmonize with the land, and how existing structures can be modernized by eco-friendly engineering and sustainable materials

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