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#books #architecture | Alvar Aalto : the mark of the hand

Alvar Aalto : the mark of the hand / Harry Charrintong and Vezio Nava, editors 
Rakennustieto, Helsinki : 2011
427 p. : il.
ISBN 9789516829954
Biblioteca Sbc Aprendizaje A-72 AALTO ALV

This book reveals Alvar Aalto's creative performance through a series of conversations with the members of his atelier spanning a period of fifty years from 1944 to 1994. Over sixty projects covering the full range of Aaltos work are discussed, giving the reader a sense of Aalto's work that goes far beyond the limited canon of buildings usually discussed in critiques of Aaltos work. The conversations place these projects in their time, and among the people and milieu that wrought them, so we hear about the buildings not just as art historical artefacts, but also as part of a dynamic, and often contentious, environment, as well as how the atelier itself formed an integral part of Aalto's achievement.

“One of Aalto’s skills was to find good people to work with, sympathetic people who were on the same wavelength with him, who could work in the same spirit.”

“When we entered the Tiilimäki studio as new colleagues, we were immediately infected by the strong personality of the maestro. Gradually, hopelessly, we became, more or less, small Alvar Aaltos.”

Finnish architect Alvar Aalto is one of the great masters of architecture. His distinctly recognisable and original mark of the hand conveys a viewpoint emphasising humanity and beauty – a viewpoint that is still appreciated throughout the world. Unique material gathered from conversations with Aalto’s employees – architects, model-builders, interior designers and secretaries – has now been published as a book, Alvar Aalto – The Mark of the Hand. 

Rakennustieto | Alvar Aalto : the mark of the hand

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