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book | Chalet : architecture + design

Chalet : architecture + design / Michelle Galindo.
[Berlin] : Braun, 2010.
301 p. . principalmente il., planos
Texto en inglés, alemán y francés
Serie: Masterpieces

ISBN 9783037680216*
Arquitectura doméstica.
Casas individuales.
Biblioteca A-728.3 CHA

The typical country homes of mountainous regions, chalets are gaining in popularity around the globe. Implemented in contemporary styles, they offer a refuge in nature from the hustle and bustle of daily urban life. The natural settings offer challenges and opportunities at the same time. The designs have to accommodate the topography of the landscape, combining regional typologies and modern styles.

Whether high mountains, canyons, or cliffy coasts, "Masterpieces: Chalet Architecture + Design" presents contemporary 61 projects in which well-known architects and innovative designers pay their respect to nature – through sustainable construction methods and an esthetic style that appreciates and highlights the beauty and uniqueness of each landscape.

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