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#books #townplanning | Urban interventions : personal projects in public spaces

Urban interventions : personal projects in public spaces / [edited by Robert Klanten and Matthias Hübner].
Gestalten, Berlin : 2010
287 p. : il.
ISBN 9783899552911

Ciudades -- Renovación.
Espacios públicos.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-711.4 URB*spi

This book is a striking collection of the personal, often playful and thought-provoking installations in urban environments that use and react to walls, traffic signs, trees, ads, and any and all elements of the modern city. It is the first book to document these very current art projects as well as their interplay with fine art, architecture, performance, installation, activism and urbanism in a comprehensive way. This perceptive work brings art to the masses and helps us to rediscover our every day surroundings. It challenges us to question if the cities we have are the cities we need while adding a touch of magic to mundane places and situations.

Book review: Urban Interventions - Personal Projects in Public Spaces
Regine | we make money not art, 2010-08-16

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