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#books #architecture | Diagonal strategies : Berger + Parkkinen Architekten

Diagonal strategies : Berger + Parkkinen Architekten / August Sarnitz (ed.), Francisco Barrachina Pastor.
Birkhäuser, Basel : 2017.
142 p. : il.

Arquitectura -- Siglo XXI.
Berger + Parkkinen.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-72BERGER DIA*spi

The much noted international architects practice, Berger + Parkkinen, was founded in 1995 by Alfred Berger and Tiina Parkkinen, with practices in Vienna and Helsinki. The practice has worked on a wide variety of projects, including a private medical university, and a timber residential building (together with querkraft Architects). The designs produced by Berger + Parkkinen are characterized by an uncluttered, elegant urbanity, as well as by an innovative use of materials. The Nordic Embassies in Berlin (1996-1999), for which the practice has received many awards, are some of their most published projects. This first monograph in the form of a bibliophilic, handy book comprises the documentation of about 15 projects, a register of the complete oeuvre, as well as an introductory essay.

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