domingo, 27 de junio de 2010

book | Green living : sustainable houses

Green living : sustainable houses = des maisons écologiquement durables = umweltverträgliche häuser = duurzame woningen / [Alex Sánchez Vidiella].
Antwerp, Belgium : Booqs, 2009.
619 p. : il., planos
Textos en inglés - francés - alemán – neerlandés
ISBN 9789460650086*

Arquitectura doméstica.
Casas individuales.
Arquitectura - Aspecto del medio ambiente.
Biblioteca A-72:504 GRE

Green homes are often thought of asoffering little by way of appearance. Green Living shows how this in not necessarily the case: the application of measures to save energy, water, and resources in a family home for a more environmentally-aware public without compromising on style. Full of fantastic images of recently built sustainable homes, this is a great compedium of aesthetically pleasing sustainable design.

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