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#books #architecture | Convention Centers

Convention Centers / Chris van Uffelen.
Braun, [Berlin] : 2012.
295 p. : il. n. y col., planos.
ISBN 9783037681268

Centros culturales.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-725.8 CON*spi

Although convention centers are in high demand, the competition is tough, and new concepts are constantly in demand. Convention centers come in a range of forms, shapes, sizes and contexts. They can form part of a hotel, an airport, a skyscraper, a mountain-chalet or stand completely on their own. This wide range allows for an exciting variety of stunning architectural and design possibilities that in combination with state-of-the-art technology make a convention center a successful enterprise. The criterion for the project selection for this volume is to cover the entire spectrum and provide a well-founded overview of the current trends. The buildings selected are by acknowledged specialists for convention centers as well as architects, who approach the attractive planning task from different and unbiased perspectives.

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