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#books #design | Ikea the book : designers, products and other stuff

Ikea the book : designers, products and other stuff / Staffan Bengtsson
Arvinius, Stockholm : 2010.
443 p. : il. ; 24 cm
ISBN 9789185689064
Biblioteca Sbc Aprendizaje A-749.1 IKE
OPAC Millennium

Along with Volvo and ABBA, IKEA is Sweden’s most internationally successful brand. In recent years, furniture pieces from IKEA have occasionally turned up at international design auctions. These inexpensive, owner-assembled, everyday products have become collectors’ items. Meanwhile, the designers behind the furniture at IKEA have long been unknown to most of us. "IKEA he book" brings them into the light to describe their creative and successful, celebrated world of Scandinavian design. What ideals are IKEA’s designs based on? What makes the KLIPPAN sofa and the BILLY  book case as sought-after in Basel and New York as in Stockholm? How did Ingvar Kamprad get world-famous designers like Verner Panton and Hella Jongerius to create original pieces for mass production in IKEA’s factories? "IKEA the book" is more than a walk through the fantastic history of The Great Furniture Factory; it holds something for anyone with an interest in design processes and stylistic ideals.

IKEA's designers have long been anonymous to most of us. In 1995, it invested heavily in an even stronger contemporary design profile with its PS series, and since then IKEA has won universal acclaim for its products. This title presents the faces behind the huge output on offer in IKEA catalogues, both in Sweden and worldwide. IKEA's designers have long been anonymous to most of us, but from the very outset the company engaged skilled designers for its furniture production. The fascinating narrative is accompanied by numerous unique illustrations ranging from the company's first, limited range to its vast present-day collection of turn-key beauty for everyman.

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