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#books #architecture | The generic sublime : organizational models for global architecture

The generic sublime : organizational models for global architecture / [author and editor] Ciro Najle.
Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, Massachusetts : 2016.
397 p. : il.

Este libro presenta proyectos desarrollados por estudiantes de "Harvard University Graduate School of Design" bajo la dirección de Ciro Najle.
ISBN 9781940291758
Diseño arquitectónico.
Diseño asistido por ordenador.
Modelos arquitectónicos.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-72:681.3 GEN*spi

Skyscraper collectives, tower agglomerations, high-rise housing, mixed-use developments, luxury condominiums, airport hubs, suburban office enclaves, industrial and technology parks, hotel complexes and resorts, conference and financial centers, entertainment venues, gated communities, theme parks, branded cities, new central districts, and satellite cities: extra-large architectural typologies dominate the contemporary built environment worldwide. Despite the ubiquity of these building forms, their development has been largely restricted by a reliance on outmoded traditions of urbanism and the strict separation of disciplinary domains within current architectural practice. The Generic Sublime investigates how the modern concept of the generic––once assumed to achieve universality by means of organizational homogeneity, formal neutrality, programmatic blankness, lack of identity, and insipidness of character––holds the potential to become its very opposite: the singular, the irreducible, and the extraordinary.

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