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#books #architecture | Soviet modernism, 1955-1985

Soviet modernism, 1955-1985 / Felix Novikov, Vladimir Belogolovsky.
Tatlin, Yekaterinburg : cop. 2010.
228 p. : il. bl. y n. ; 27 x 30 cm
Texto en inglés y en ruso
ISBN 9785903433438
Biblioteca Sbc Aprendizaje A-72.036(47) SOV

This book comprises authoritative commentary complemented by an album of photographs of one hundred examples of Soviet architecture of the period its title indicates. Its authors – a renowned Soviet architect and writer, Felix Novikov and an American architect and critic, Vladimir Belogolovsky – compiled the anthology based on archival photographs and materials from professional Soviet architecture publications. The unique nature of their work exposes a whole stratum of Soviet architecture, hidden until now, despite the long broken "iron curtain," due to lack of interest. What readers will see on the pages of the book will make them think again about the uniqueness and originality of thought that pervaded Soviet architecture of the twentieth century. The book is recommended for the perusal of leading architectural critics worldwide. 

“Soviet modernism takes off in the brief ‘thaw’ ushered in by Khrushchev and takes up some of the threads of constructivism that had been cut off by Stalin. As Vladimir Belogolovsky points out, it is a style that, relating to trends in the West, is, however, more socially collective. Emphatic in expressive simplicity, it is also large in scale and imperial in its abstraction. Felix Novikov gives voice to the motives and confusions of this period when a few architects broke free of the new party line to build more authentic works. Such testimonies are rare and welcome.” Charles Jencks 

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