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#books #architecture | New horizon in Korean architecture

New horizon in Korean architecture / [Kim Sung Hong... (et al.)]
USD Publishing Co., Seoul : 2011.
250 p. : il., planos
ISBN 9788996513629
Edición bilingüe coreano-inglés
Originalmente presentado en la exposición: New Horizon in Korean Architecture celebrada en dic., 2011 en Japón
Biblioteca Sbc Aprendizaje A-72.038(519.5) NEW
OPAC Millennium

Inspired by the eponymous exhibition shown in Japan in December 2011, and following a recent trend of Korean modern architecture exhibited overseas, this in-depth look at a selection of sixteen Korean architects focuses on the big picture rather than the individual architects and their works. Accepting that it is problematic to classify and find a common denominator among these architects, their attitudes and projects, both realized and unbuilt, the book examines its subjects from an economic, social and cultural point of view instead. It presents points on the urban and topographic map of Korea as an 'easy story rather than a difficult architectural discussion' through a series of individual projects, photographs, plans and other data

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