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#books #architecture | Aircraftcarrier : American ideas and Israeli architecture after 1973

Aircraftcarrier : American ideas and Israeli architecture after 1973 / edited by, Milana Gitzin-Adiram, Erez Ella, Dan Handel.
Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern-Ruit : 2012.
173 p. : il.
Catalogo publicado junto a la exposición Aircraft Carrier, La Biennale di Venezia, 13th International Architecture Exhibition, Israeli Pavilion, Venice, Agosto 29-Noviembre 25, 2012.
ISBN 9783775734684

Arquitectura -- Siglo XX -- Israel.
Arquitectura -- Siglo XXI -- Israel.
Conflicto árabe-israelí, 1973.
Urbanismo -- Israel.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-72.036(569.4) AIR*spi

The year 1973 marked a watershed in the workings of global capitalism, in America’s strategic interest in the Middle East, and in Israel’s social, economic, and political structures. Together, these elements, shaped by territorial struggles and energy crises, radically transformed Israeli architecture. This publication looks at the structural environment that evolved at the time with the aid of contemporary visual commentary, historical materials, and essays on architecture in both the United States and Israel. The buildings being presented not only tell a tale of the unprecedented implementation of liberal and capitalist principles in a country that was hitherto known as a socialist welfare state, but of a cultural reorientation and an architectural agenda that are being examined today in light of another major crisis.

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