lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

book | Green design from theory to practice

Green design from theory to practice / edited by Ken Yeang and Arthur Spector.
London : Black Dog, 2011.
143 p. : il., fot.
Selección de capítulos de ponentes del 7th Jerusalem Seminar in Architecture 2009
ISBN 9781907317125*

Arquitectura - Aspecto del medio ambiente.
Biblioteca Sbc Aprendizaje A-72:504 GRE
OPAC Millennium

“Green Design: From Theory to Practice” is a unique discussion of the issues surrounding sustainability, environmental responsibility and the use of natural resources becoming unavoidable. The book looks at what Green Design actually entails and how this can be implemented within today’s architectural practice.

This reader scrutinises the pressing questions that designers must confront today, looking at the need to comply to green accreditation systems, but also at the wider and often over-looked implications of building design. Green Design looks in-depth at the way we use buildings, distribution systems of energy, transportation, manufacturing and the food industries, and ultimately at the way we lead our lives, to evaluate and address the true meaning of Green Design and the real causes underpinning today’s environmental crisis.

The contributors each bring their own thoughts and questions on how to improve sustainable design, how important it is and how it can be enforced. These discussions are given a contemporary relevance through the inclusion of the work of contemporary architects, artists, writers and commentators.

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