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book | New architecture in the emerging world : projects by Andrew Bromberg, Aedas

New architecture in the emerging world : projects by Andrew Bromberg, Aedas / prologue and epilogue by Larry Rouch ; foreword by Ralph Lerner ; introduction by Aaron Betsky ; essay by Joseph Giovannini ; edited by Oscar Riera Ojeda.
London : Thames & Hudson, 2011.
379 p. : fot., planos

ISBN 9780500289235*
Arquitectura - Asia.
Biblioteca A-72 BROMBERG NEW

The Asian boom of the last decade created an unprecedented arena for architectural adventure and experimentation, an environment in which Andrew Bromberg immersed himself and thrived. Aedas was at the epicenter of this ferment, in part due to its significant presence in Hong Kong preceding the boom, and then in large part due to the furious energy and passion that Bromberg brought to the firm when he joined in 2002.

New Architecture in the Emerging World chronicles the diverse range of projects designed by Andrew Bromberg for Aedas between 2002 and 2010. It highlights the exceptional design versatility and ingenuity Bromberg displayed in order to address Asia’s extremely varied clients, sites, architectural programmes, schedules and cultural parameters.

In tracing the intertwined fortunes of Bromberg, Aedas and the Asian continent at a time when the world’s economic centre of gravity appeared, at least for a while, to have permanently tilted to the east, New Architecture in the Emerging World provides an unparalleled survey of the phantasmagorical experience it turned out to be.

As an architect striving for innovation and vision, Andrew Bromberg has led the design on numerous award-winning projects throughout the world. Andrew has over eighteen years of professional experience in architecture, with the last ten of them based in Hong Kong. Andrew is lead designer for Aedas, recognized for his ability to conceptualize and realize complex designs within a wide range of projects.

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