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Concrete / volume editor, David Odgers
Ashgate [etc.], Farnham [etc.] : 2012.
viii, 308 p. : il. col.
Colección: Practical Building Conservation
ISBN 9780754645658

Arquitectura -- Conservación y restauración.
Construcción de hormigón.
Monumentos históricos -- Rehabilitación.
Biblioteca Sbc Aprendizaje A-691 *PRA*spi

Practical Building Conservation is a ten-part series that looks at the conservation of building materials and systems. It builds on the research and field experience of English Heritage, and is aimed at those who work on or look after historic buildings: primarily architects, surveyors, engineers, conservators, contractors and conservation officers, but also owners, curators, students and researchers.

A great deal of research and literature has been produced on repairing concrete structures but very little aimed at conserving the character or appearance of historic examples. This volume Concrete,offers guidance as to how this should be done.   It includes a brief history of the use of the material and explains the criteria for listing before assessing decay mechanisms and determining appropriate repair strategies.  A bibliography and case studies are also included.

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