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#books #architecture | Darkitecture : learning architecture for the twenty-first century

Darkitecture : learning architecture for the twenty-first century / Gerrard O'Carroll ... [et al.] ; edited by Iwona Blazwick
Two Little Boys, London : 2012
187 p. : il.
ISBN 9780957429901
Arquitectura -- Teoría.
Arquitectura -- Estética.
Arquitectura -- Siglo XXI.
Sbc Aprendizaje A-72.01 DAR*spi

"Darkitecture" is an anthology of texts and projects exploring how we learn about architecture and build buildings for real communities in the twenty-first century. It draws on the ideas and methods of the late architect Gerrard O'Carroll, a vibrant and unorthodox thinker, reprinting his own writings and statements alongside texts and projects by his contemporaries and alumni. Together these writings represent a selection of "what if?" scenarios with which to proceed on the journey toward becoming an architect; toward the conception of a design vocabulary that enhances everyday life; and the creation of buildings and urbanisms that embrace the irrational and celebrate the social. "Darkitecture" is a revolutionary handbook that will challenge students, designers, architects and citizens to review the way they look at and think about architecture.

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